12 Things You “Used To Do” That Are Now Frowned Upon

Explore the changing tides of social norms as a recent social media thread prompts users to reflect on once-popular but now frowned-upon activities. A humorous stroll down memory lane awaits.

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#1 Just Swinging By

Happy elderly couple drinking tea and smiling each other at home
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“Just swinging by. Dropping in on someone without calling or making a plan. My dad used to do this with his friends. They would drink coffee and chill for hours.”

In the age of digital calendars and busy schedules, the spontaneity of dropping by unannounced seems to have faded. Many users agree that while the camaraderie of impromptu visits was delightful, it’s now a relic of a bygone era, replaced by the formality of scheduled meet-ups.

#2 Smoking at Work

Smoke on black background
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“Smoking at work. A co-worker’s cigarette fell into her typewriter and the paper caught on fire. She put it out with her coffee.”

While smoking was once as common in offices as coffee breaks, the hazards are now clear. Users chuckled at this fiery anecdote, highlighting the days when workplaces were filled with a haze of smoke, and a cup of coffee doubled as an emergency extinguisher.

#3 No Left-Handers Allowed

Happy schoolboy writing in notepad in classroom
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“Forcing a left-handed person to use their right hand instead.”

The idea of forcing left-handed individuals to conform to right-handed norms is cringe-worthy to many users. The thread didn’t just reminisce about the absurdity of this practice but also acknowledged the importance of celebrating and respecting individual differences.

#4 Pushing People into Pools

grumpy man rest in swimming pool. He is dissatisfied and angry
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“Pushing people into pools. (Back then no one had cell phones).”

The innocent days of pushing friends into pools for a splash of fun now seem like a distant memory. Most users reflected on the carefree nature of these pranks, unaware of the potential water damage to now-ubiquitous smartphones.

#5 Baby Sleeping Positions

Father holding newborn baby. Sleeping.
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“Babies sleeping on their backs. No, their bellies. No, backs. No, bellies. No, backs. No, bellies.”

Parenting advice has certainly evolved, and users shared a collective chuckle at the confusion surrounding the optimal sleeping position for infants. The shifting recommendations showcased the constant refinement of medical knowledge over the years.

#6 Prank Phone Calls

Surprised Woman Talking on the Vintage Phone
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“Prank phone calls. Used to be ‘do you have Prince Albert in a can.’ Now it’s ‘do you know your vehicle warranty is about to expire.'”

Prank phone calls have evolved with the times, transitioning from harmless jokes to more sophisticated annoyances. Users found humor in the progression, acknowledging the changing landscape of telephone mischief in the era of information scams.

#7 Drunk Driving

Frightened woman screaming while driving car
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“Drunk driving. There was a massive cultural shift in the ’80s.”

The gravity of this once casual and widespread behavior is not lost on most users. The thread recognized the significant cultural shift that occurred in the ’80s, transforming drunk driving from a societal norm to a universally condemned and illegal act.

#8 Cruising Without Seatbelts

Selective focus of smiling stylish woman in black hat driving car
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“Cruising around with no seatbelt.”

Nostalgia colored users’ memories of carefree rides without seatbelts. The commentary acknowledged the shift towards safety consciousness, emphasizing the positive impact of seatbelt regulations on preventing injuries.

#9 Relentless Job Inquiries

African american businessman pointing at caucasian colleague waiting for the job interview
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“Maybe the whole ‘just keep pestering the manager, they’ll appreciate your pluck and determination and totally hire you not be deeply annoyed by relentless interruption’ thing that people were so convinced is the key to gainful employment.”

Some users shared a laugh at the persistence of a bygone job-seeking strategy. The thread recognized the generational gap in approaches to employment, with a nod to the changing dynamics of the modern job market.

#10 Kids Selling Door to Door

Cute teen boy holding fans of money and smiling, orange studio background.
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“Kids selling stuff door to door to raise money for school trips.”

The innocence of children peddling goods door-to-door was once a common sight. Users reminisced about a time when community trust was high, contrasting it with the skepticism prevalent today due to safety concerns.

#11 Mandatory Hugs and Kisses

Young woman holding and kissing little girl
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“Telling your kids to hug or kiss a family member, even if they don’t want to.”

This conversation also highlighted the shift in parenting attitudes, acknowledging that what was once seen as fostering politeness is now viewed through the lens of bodily autonomy. Users recognized the importance of teaching consent from a young age.

#12 Hitting Your Children

Shouting angry asian kid on red background.
Image Credit: realinemedia /Depositphotos.com.

“Hitting your children. Went from being basically a default in parenting to rightfully getting you viewed as a bad parent now.”

The thread took a serious turn as users reflected on the societal shift in parenting norms. From once being considered a disciplinary method, hitting children is now widely condemned, demonstrating an enhanced understanding of the impact on a child’s well-being.

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