12 Essential Things That Are Frozen In Time Since 2020

As the world gradually finds its footing after the unprecedented upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that the effects are still lingering in various aspects of our lives.

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#1 The Endless Study Hours

African american girl studying in library in evening
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“24/7 library hours at my university.”

Many students are bemoaning the loss of 24/7 library access at their universities. They miss the days when they could pull all-nighters in a quiet corner, cramming for exams or working on projects. The pandemic forced many libraries to reduce hours and impose restrictions, and the 24/7 convenience seems like a distant memory.

#2 The Waiting Game

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“Doctor appointment availability.”

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment has become an exercise in patience for some. Commenters note that it’s harder than ever to secure a timely appointment, particularly with specialists. The backlog from pandemic-related delays is still being felt, leaving some users frustrated as they wait for much-needed medical attention.

#3 The Pricy Wheels

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“Used car prices… insane how expensive vehicles are nowadays.”

Used car prices have skyrocketed, leaving many potential buyers shocked at the sticker price. Some users shared their disbelief about how the pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions and chip shortages continue to inflate the prices of pre-owned vehicles, making it a daunting endeavor for those in need of an affordable ride.

#4 The Expensive Basket

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“Price of groceries, and pretty much everything else.”

The cost of living has seen an overall increase, and many users can’t help but notice. Groceries, gas, and everyday essentials have all seen price hikes. For some, the pinch in their wallets is still a harsh reality, even as we move further from the peak of the pandemic.

#5 Breakfast Dreams Deferred

Nontaburi, Thailand- May 07, 2020 : Ronald-Mcdonald mascot sitting on wooden bench in front of McDonald's restaurant, The McDonald's logo has branches around the world.
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“All-day breakfast at McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s once made the dreams of breakfast lovers come true by serving breakfast items all day long. However, some users report that this beloved change hasn’t fully recovered post-pandemic, with limited all-day breakfast options, leaving them longing for that Sausage McMuffin at dinner.

#6 The Housing Hassle

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“The housing market is still a disaster.”

The housing market remains a point of contention for many. Commenters point out that the competition for homes, bidding wars, and skyrocketing prices continue to make it a challenge for prospective buyers. The dream of affordable homeownership often feels like an elusive fantasy.

#7 Late-Night Nostalgia

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“24-hour Walmart.”

Late-night shopping at Walmart used to be a comforting reality for many night owls. Some users expressed their nostalgia for the convenience of 24-hour Walmart stores, lamenting the reduced hours and restricted schedules post-COVID.

#8 The Frozen Clock

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“Measurement of time. For a lot of people, the two years covid lasted was like time was put on pause.”

A philosophical point from some users – they feel like the two years of the pandemic put time on pause. This unique perspective highlights how the pandemic has affected people’s perception of time, leaving them feeling like they’ve been stuck in a never-ending waiting room, just waiting for things to become ‘normal’ again. Do you also feel this way?

#9 Buffet Blues

Cropped shot of Chinese steamed dumpling and steamed pork bun in a bamboo steamer on wooden table
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Chinese-style food buffets. I just want to eat orange chicken and wontons hungover without talking to anyone.”

For those craving orange chicken and wontons at odd hours, Chinese-style food buffets used to be the go-to place. Some users long for the carefree pre-COVID days when they could indulge in a buffet without the stress of social distancing or health concerns.

#10 The Reluctant Homebody

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“My urge to leave the house, before covid I had to go to a mall or someplace each weekend, now, I barely leave the house.”

The pandemic has had a profound impact on the way some users approach socializing. They lament the loss of the carefree weekend mall visits and spontaneous outings, as the fear of talking to people has left them reluctant to step outside.

#11 The Stubborn Scale

Worrying about weight. A young woman feeling stressed while standing on the weights
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“My weightttt.”

Humorously put by one user, the pandemic’s effects on their weight are still lingering. The combination of lockdowns, delivery meals, and limited exercise options has led to a few extra pounds that are proving stubborn to shed.

#12 Healthcare Under Pressure

A nurse holding up her pen while holding her clipboard. Excited.
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“Staffing of healthcare workers. We need more nurses. I am Burnt out.”

The strain on healthcare workers has been immense during the pandemic. Some commenters express their concerns about the ongoing shortage of nurses and the burnout faced by healthcare professionals, underscoring the need for more support in the medical field.