10 Things That Are Way Nastier Than We Realize

Embark on a revealing journey as we uncover the hidden side of everyday items that may leave you cringing. From seemingly innocuous objects to daily habits, discover the surprising nastiness lurking in the ordinary. Get ready for a reality check as we delve into 10 things dirtier than meets the eye.

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#1 Ice Machines

Close up view of glass of cold brewed coffee with ice cubes
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“Ice machines in restaurants.”

Ice machines can be grosser than realized due to a combination of factors. Bacterial growth in the moist environment, inadequate cleaning, and airborne contaminants contribute to unhygienic conditions. Improper usage, such as touching the dispenser with dirty hands, further adds to the issue. Additionally, the quality of water used plays a role, as impurities can affect the taste and cleanliness of the ice.

Most restaurants and hotels likely don’t clean their ice machines regularly enough to avoid these issues.

#2 Dementia

Frustrated senior man with alzheimer disease covering face
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“Dementia, especially advanced dementia. It’s not just quirky memory problems, your brain controls every bodily function.”

Dementia is often misunderstood as a series of quirky memory problems, but the reality is far more complex. It’s like a silent storm brewing within the brain, affecting not just memory but every bodily function. As the condition progresses, even basic tasks become a puzzle, and one’s personality can change. It’s a sobering reminder that our brain, that intricate control center, is both a marvel and a fragile entity. So, the next time you encounter someone with advanced dementia, remember that it’s not just forgetfulness; it’s a battle within the brain, affecting every aspect of life.

#3 Hospital Floors

wheelchair in a hospital
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“Hospital floors! Seems obvious, but apparently it isn’t. I can’t believe how many folks will allow their CHILDREN to sit or play on the floors, or just generally treat them like they are sterile. I don’t even wear my work shoes into my own house. The other day I spilled a few drops of tea on the floor where I work… gave it a very light wipe with a cloth and the cloth was BLACK. I think people assume that since it’s a hospital the floors are in mint condition… absolutely no way, lol.”

Here’s a dose of reality from a registered nurse. Hospital floors, often assumed to be spotless, are far from it. The commentary highlights that even the cleanest of environments can harbor hidden nasties. The shocking revelation about the cleanliness of hospital floors reminds us that appearances can be deceiving. It’s a good reminder that the next time you’re tempted to take a seat on the floor, think twice – or at least pack a hazmat suit.

#4 Touching Money

US Currency in Closeup (selective focus)
Image Credit: Kuzmafoto /Depositphotos.com.


The age-old tradition of exchanging money, where bills and coins pass through countless hands. Cash can be a hotbed of germs, bacteria, and who knows what else. It’s like a microbial relay race, with each handoff leaving behind a souvenir. So, the next time you handle cash, just imagine you’re part of a microscopic Olympics, and it’s your turn to carry the torch.

#5 Hotel TV Remote Controls

TV remote
Image Credit: IgorVetushko /Depositphotos.com.


Ah, the unsung heroes of your hotel room—TV remote controls. This comment exposes the grimy reality of these seemingly innocuous gadgets. Next time you pick up that remote to binge-watch your favorite shows, you might want to consider carrying a small bottle of disinfectant. Who knew channel surfing could be such a perilous adventure?

#6 The Kitchen Sink

young sad man cleaning with detergent spray and sponge washing and making home kitchen sink clean feeling tired and bored in home work and single man domestic wash labor concept
Image Credit: focuspocusltd /Depositphotos.com.

“The kitchen sink and the area immediately surrounding it.”

This one hits close to home. The area around the kitchen sink, where we prepare and clean our meals, can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and grime. From food scraps to dirty dishes, it’s easy to overlook this kitchen mess. Perhaps it’s time to give your kitchen a little extra love, and remember, washing your hands doesn’t count if you’re using a bacteria-laden faucet!

#7 Cancer

Partial view of woman holding breast cancer awareness pink ribbon
Image Credit: KostyaKlimenko /Depositphotos.com.

“Cancer. People know it’s nasty. People know it’s nasty as all hell. But here’s the thing. Going through it myself, I could have never imagined how nasty it truly is.”

Cancer—the word itself sends shivers down our spines. But as the commenter pointed out, the actual experience is even nastier than we can fathom. While most folks are aware of the horrors of this disease, the raw journey through it, filled with illness, pain, and unpredictable side effects, is an entirely different beast. It’s like knowing a rollercoaster is terrifying, but you can’t fully appreciate the twists and turns until you’re on it yourself. Let’s just say, cancer’s reputation for being nasty is well-earned.

#8 Luggage

Luggage bag on the city street ready to pick by airport transfer taxi car
Image Credit: sarymsakov /Depositphotos.com.

“Luggage. It gets rolled throughout the world, often in gross airport bathrooms where floors are literally wet with p**, and then when people get to their destination, their first thing they do is toss it on the bed to unpack. Come to think of it, this also makes hotel comforters that never get washed even more disgusting.”

#9 Your Keyboard

Partial view of female hacker using digital laptop at wooden table
Image Credit: AndrewLozovyi /Depositphotos.com.

“Your keyboard. seriously man, wipe that thing. I can see the dirt from your window.”

Keyboards are our trusty companions, helping us navigate the digital world. But have you ever taken a closer look at yours? The dirt and grime accumulated on those keys can tell quite a story. It’s a reminder that while we explore the virtual realms, we might be neglecting the tangible world beneath our fingertips. So, maybe it’s time for a keyboard spa day, or at least a good wipe-down.

#10 Shoes

Man in autumn shoes, walking.
Image Credit: AlexLipa /Depositphotos.com.

“Shoes. They are filled with sweaty feet and go everywhere. Think about the gas station and airport bathrooms. The bathrooms you can feel the ick in.”

Shoes, the tireless travelers of the world. They walk the same paths as us and often end up in some questionable places, like gas station and airport bathrooms. The ick factor in these locations is practically palpable, and guess what—your shoes are right there with it. It’s like taking your feet on a world tour through the germiest spots on Earth. Maybe it’s time to show your shoes some appreciation with a spa day of their own.

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