Millennials & Boomers Tell Us 12 Things That Gen Z is Doing Right

Explore the positive strides of Gen Z, praised by an online community. Users note their inclusive, compassionate, and empowered actions, signaling a promising shift toward a brighter future.

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#1 Striving for Financial Well-Being

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“Leaving jobs for better pay.”

Many users noted that Gen Z is making strategic career moves, leaving jobs that don’t offer them the compensation they deserve. They are boldly seeking better opportunities and not settling for less. This trend reflects their ambition and determination to secure their financial well-being.

#2 Building an Inclusive and Kind Community

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Treating people with disabilities with respect. My daughter who is 23 with Down syndrome has never been bullied ever at school or as an adult. Her peers treated her with respect and genuinely cared about her.

Gen Z is actively promoting a culture of inclusivity and kindness by treating people with disabilities with the respect and dignity they deserve. This not only fosters a more accepting society but also highlights their empathy and commitment to building a better world for all.

#3 Empowering Self through Boundaries

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“Drawing boundaries in relationships and at work. Both are necessary.”

Setting boundaries is a crucial skill, and Gen Z seems to be embracing this with open arms. Some users suggested that they are actively defining their limits in both personal and professional relationships. This self-awareness bodes well for their mental and emotional well-being.

#4 Authenticity in Expressing Feelings

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“Gen Z are more open to emotions in general. Nobody (for the most part) is being forced into things they don’t want to do, and if they are, they speak out about it a lot quicker.”

Gen Z appears to have a refreshing approach to emotions. Many users agreed that they’re not being forced into things they don’t want to do. This generation is unafraid to speak out about their feelings, and this open dialogue helps them maintain emotional well-being and authentic relationships.

#5 Embracing Healthier Lifestyle Choices

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“I feel like fewer of them are smoking. And they have made being embarrassed of mental disorders pretty nonexistent.”

Gen Z’s choice to smoke less is a reflection of their health-conscious approach. With increased awareness of the adverse health effects of smoking, they’re making more mindful decisions about their well-being and opting for healthier lifestyle choices. This not only benefits them personally but also contributes to a broader culture of well-being.

#6 Redefining Work-Life Balance

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“Challenging the typical work week.”

Gen Z is at the forefront of redefining the traditional workweek. Their advocacy for flexible work arrangements, remote work, and a stronger focus on work-life balance demonstrates their adaptability and a desire for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. This progressive approach to work not only benefits individuals but may shape the future of work for generations to come.

#7 Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

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“Being more open about mental health issues, emotions, etc. At least I hope they are. In my adolescence, these things didn’t exist.

The walls surrounding mental health are crumbling, and Gen Z is at the forefront. Many users suggest that they’re more open about mental health issues and emotions. It’s like they’ve discovered the power of vulnerability, and they’re using it to mend bridges and build connections.

#8 Advocating for Fairness and Transparency

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Not bending over backward for corporations and governments.

Gen Z’s skepticism towards powerful institutions is also highlighted in the comments. They are less inclined to bend over backward for corporations and governments, advocating for fairness and transparency in their dealings.

#9 Working Towards Safer Family Environments

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“Trying to put a stop to family and domestic abuse.”

Another crucial point that emerged is Gen Z’s commitment to ending family and domestic abuse. They are actively working to address these issues, emphasizing the importance of safe and nurturing family environments.

#10 Exercising Civic Duty and Advocating for Change

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“Voting. They are voting at historic rates and making their voices heard.”

Gen Z’s historic voter turnout reflects their commitment to exercising their civic duty and amplifying their voices for change. Their active participation in the democratic process is not only significant in the present but sets a promising precedent for a more engaged and informed electorate, helping to shape the future of our society.

#11 Thoughtful Decision-Making

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“Dodging military recruiters.”

Some users noted that Gen Z is more cautious when it comes to military recruitment. They are exploring alternative paths and not rushing into joining the armed forces, demonstrating their thoughtful decision-making.

#12 Responsible Family Planning

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“Not having lots of kids.”

In a world with increasing concerns about overpopulation, Gen Z is also displaying responsible family planning by having fewer children. This approach aligns with sustainability goals and responsible parenthood.

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