17 Things That Have Lost Their Prestige in Recent Years

In the ever-evolving cycle of modern life, there are aspects that once held a certain prestige, a sheen of respectability and quality, which now seem to have lost their luster. From traditional institutions to daily experiences, social media users have shared their insights into what has undergone a transformation in recent years.

Join us as we delve into some once-revered symbols of excellence that have lost their shine.

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#1 Breaking News: Lost in the Noise

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“The term ‘breaking news.’ It has no meaning anymore since they overuse it.”

The term “breaking news” has lost its gravity as it’s now overused, rendering it almost meaningless. Many users agree that what was once reserved for urgent and crucial updates has become a constant background noise in the media.

#2 Luxury Apartments: A Façade of Opulence

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“The term ‘luxury’ pertains to newly built apartments and condos. The construction gets subcontracted out, so you know they’ve cut corners. The walls are paper thin, and the finishes are cheap. They charge exorbitant rents then nickel and dime the tenants with fees.”

The term “luxury” attached to newly built apartments and condos has lost its prestige, with users pointing out that construction shortcuts lead to subpar living conditions. Exorbitant rents coupled with additional fees tarnish the once-elite image of these residences.

#3 Encyclopedias: From Status Symbol to Relic

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“Encyclopedias. It used to be that having the full set of Encyclopedia Britannica was a bit of a status symbol in the middle class. Kids who had it were envied by their peers because it made projects, etc., so much easier. Dead as the trees used to make it. Pre-internet was a wild time.”

Encyclopedias, once a status symbol in the middle class, have become obsolete in the age of the Internet. Users reminisce about a time when having the full set of Encyclopedia Britannica was a symbol of knowledge and envy, highlighting the drastic shift in educational resources.

#4 Etsy: Handmade to Mass Production

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“Etsy. A decade ago, I knew I was getting a handmade product when I shopped on Etsy. Now it’s just the same cheap knockoffs from China that I could get from Amazon for half the price.”

Etsy, once a haven for handmade products, has lost its charm as users now find it flooded with cheap knockoffs from China. The platform’s transformation from a unique artisan marketplace to a hub for mass-produced goods diminishes its original appeal.

#5 Commercial Air Flight: From Adventure to Misery

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“Commercial air flight. I’m listening to a radio show about airline etiquette and wondering just when this whole experience became an exercise in misery and suffering.”

Commercial air travel has lost its charm due to factors such as overcrowded airports, long security lines, and cramped seating on planes. Additionally, the rise of extra fees for amenities that were once included, like checked bags and meals, has made the experience less enjoyable. Coupled with frequent delays and cancellations, these factors contribute to a diminished sense of excitement and convenience associated with flying.

#6 Airbnb: From Budget Stays to Pricey Pitfalls

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“Airbnb used to be able to get fair prices on non-hotel-style room stays, but now it’s overpriced and has hit so many fees that it’s cheaper to go to hotels.”

Airbnb, once synonymous with affordable and unique accommodation, has lost its appeal as users lament overpricing and hidden fees. What used to be a cost-effective alternative to hotels is now perceived as less attractive due to increased costs and a less straightforward booking process. Add to that the reports of hidden cameras and hassles with hosts, and it’s easier to just book a hotel at this point.

#7 Bots and Ads Take Over

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“The internet. It’s all bots and ads.”

The once-open and diverse landscape of the internet has given way to a prevalence of bots and ads, altering the user experience. Many users agree that the digital realm, once a space for genuine interactions, is now inundated with automated content and advertisements. Bigger companies have crowded the space and it’s all about how to make money by selling people’s private information.

#8 Doctors: From Trusted Healers to System Cogs

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“Doctors. I’m a doctor. We’re mostly employees now, cogs in the wheel. There is also a lot of distrust in the medical system.”

The perception of doctors has shifted from trusted healers to professionals caught in a system where they often feel like they’re just part of a capitalistic system, instead of helping patients. Users, including a doctor, acknowledge a growing distrust in the medical system, highlighting the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in today’s landscape.

#9 Designer Brands: Quality Takes a Backseat

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“Every designer brand. People may argue that they were never worth it, but at least back then, they cared about quality, materials, and craftsmanship. Now it’s all about mass marketing and ever increasing prices for lower quality. Not to mention people who flex on social media made it even more tacky. I have lost respect for so many brands, which, at least saved me some $$$ over the years.”

Designer brands, once associated with quality and craftsmanship, have lost some of their allure. Users lament the shift towards mass marketing and lower prestige associated to owning a designer piece.

#10 Platinum AMEX: A Card’s Lost Luster

Handsome Man Giving Credit Card Smiling Female Seller Store
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Once a symbol of prestige and exclusivity, the Platinum American Express card has lost some of its shine. While still offering premium benefits, the card’s allure has diminished as other high-end credit cards enter the market with competitive rewards and perks. Many users now question whether the Platinum AMEX is worth the hefty annual fee, leading to a reevaluation of its once-unquestionable status.

#11 Eating Out: An Event Lost in Time

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“Eating out was a huge thing back in the 80’s. Like it was an event, so was going shopping / to the mall / stores.”

The nostalgia for the ’80s dining experience reflects a time when going out to eat was a special occasion, creating cherished memories. Users reminisce about the excitement and social significance attached to dining out, contrasting it with the current era where eating out has become more routine and less of an event.

#12 Amazon: From Unique Finds to Generic Good

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“Amazon. It used to have nice things (branded or well-reviewed) that would get shipped quickly. Now it’s generic things with ‘good reviews’ and the shipping is sometimes random.”

Amazon, once known for accurate reviews and efficient shipping, has undergone a transformation, according to users. The platform’s shift towards generic, china made products and unreliable, fake reviews has led some users to reevaluate the convenience and reliability they once associated with the e-commerce giant.

#13 Blizzard: A Gaming Titan Loses Its Soul

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“Blizzard used to be a paragon for gamers. I’m not saying they were perfect, but you could consistently count on anything they produced to be of pretty high quality. It felt like everything they put out came from a team that genuinely cared about what they were doing, and had some of the most soul of any titan in the industry. Now everything they put out feels hollow….”

Blizzard, once a respected name in the gaming industry, has lost some of its luster. Users express disappointment in the perceived decline of quality and passion in the games produced by the company, highlighting a shift in the soulful essence that once defined Blizzard’s legacy.

#14 The Presidency: A Diminished Institution

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - Nov 30, 2018: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nov 30, 2018. USA President Donald Trump, addresses the press after a bilateral meeting during the G20 Summit.
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“The Presidency – I am not trying to have a political debate. Maybe I was just young and naive but I remember the presidency being more respected than it is today. Like even if you didn’t respect the president you still respected the presidency.”

The institution of the presidency has experienced a decline in respect, as users observe changes in how it is perceived today. Regardless of political affiliations, there’s a shared sentiment that the presidency has lost some of the reverence it once commanded, prompting reflections on the evolving dynamics within this central pillar of governance.

#15 Facebook: A Social Media Giant’s Decline

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Continuing the commentary on Facebook, users note a decline in the platform’s reputation. Its role in controversies, concerns over privacy, accusations of political manipulation and the disastrous Metaverse pivot contribute to a changing perception.

#16 Netflix: Originals Lose Their Luster

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“Netflix. Their originals at first were trying to emulate HBO and now their originals are all bottom of the barrel garbage that only get two seasons.”

Netflix, once heralded for its original content, has faced criticism as users observe a decline in the quality of its productions. The shift from aggregating hit shows from cable TV to overwhelmingly creating content perceived as subpar, has led to a reassessment of Netflix’s role in the streaming landscape. Unfortunately, other competitors like Amazon Prime and Disney not exactly setting the screen on fire, we’re all stuck with Netflix, for now.

#17 University Faculty Members: From Deep Thinking to a Rat Race

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“Being a university faculty member. It used to be a place of deep thinking now it’s a rat race of publishing ill thought out word vomit.”

The role of university faculty members has shifted from a space of deep intellectual exploration to a more competitive environment driven by the need for constant publication. Users express concern over the quality of academic work, highlighting a perceived shift in the priorities and pressures faced by those in academia.

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