11 Things That Make You “SIGH” in Frustration

We all have those phrases and situations that make our eyes roll with exasperation. It’s as if they’re tailor-made to test our patience.

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#1 “We Are Family” – The Company Slogan Eye-Roll

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“My family doesn’t have to pay me to show up. This is a business transaction. I perform labor, and you give me money.”

Many users find themselves rolling their eyes whenever a company claims, “we are family.” It’s a phrase often used in corporate environments to convey a sense of unity and camaraderie among employees. However, to some, it can feel like a hollow attempt to mask the realities of the workplace. This sentiment resonates with many who question the authenticity of such declarations.

#2 “Chemical-Free” Claims: A Chemistry Conundrum

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“Or ‘made with real ingredients’ W** is an imaginary ingredient? Do I find them in the fiction aisles?”

Products that boast being “chemical-free” may raise eyebrows among some users. Mostly, it’s companies trying to ride the wave of organic and healthy food choices that consumers seem to be gravitating towards. Many users agree that such marketing tactics play on fear and lack scientific accuracy, prompting them to question the credibility of such claims.

#3 The Controversy of “Moist” Cake

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“Right? Like, are we supposed to describe it as a nice, wet piece of cake instead?”

The word “moist” often sparks debate among some users. While it’s a common and accurate term for describing a well-baked cake, a few individuals have strong aversions to it. Many find it amusing that such a simple word can trigger eye rolls and spark conversations about vocabulary.

#4 When “I’ll Be Ready in Five Minutes” Turns Into an Epic Saga

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“I have a pal who is like this. I do the 30 minutes earlier thing and it works like a charm.”

We all know that one person who claims they’ll be ready in “five minutes.” However, it feels more like they’re embarking on a Lord of the Rings marathon, complete with all three extended editions. Social media users have shared their eye-rolling experiences when waiting for the “five-minute” readiness, only to discover that time doesn’t work the same way for everyone.

#5 “Share a Fun Fact” – The Dreaded Icebreaker

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“F***. No. I’m out!”

Almost everyone has experienced this eye-rolling icebreaker activity: “Let’s go around the room and share a fun fact about yourself.” While it’s a well-intentioned effort to break the ice, many users find it tiresome and clichéd. In reality, it’s an embarrassing and exasperating experience for almost everyone.

#6 The “Triggered” Accusation

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“Specifically when they use an abundance of laugh cry emojis to mask the seething anger inside.”

When someone posts something political and immediately labels those who disagree as “triggered,” it can be eye-roll-inducing. This term is often used to mock or invalidate opposing views, and it’s a source of frustration for many users who value constructive discourse over name-calling.

#7 The “My Truth” Declaration

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The phrase “my truth” can elicit eye rolls from some users. It’s often used to present personal perspectives as fact, and it can be seen as a way to avoid accountability or facts. This sentiment reflects the skepticism many have towards individuals who invoke “my truth” in discussions.

#8 Military Recruitment Tall Tales

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When individuals claim they were considering joining the military but decided against it because they’d “punch the first Sergeant who yelled at them,” it can trigger eye rolls from those who have served. Many users in the military see these statements as insulting and full of naivety from people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

#9 The Sound of Phone Speakers: A Sonic Nuisance

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The sound of someone using their phone’s speakers in public, whether it’s someone taking a call on speaker or playing loud videos, can be bothersome to many users. The auditory discomfort caused by phone speakers leads to eye rolls and exasperation, especially in shared spaces. Have you ever been stuck on public transit with such an inconsiderate person?

#10 “Alpha” Self-Proclamation

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“I knew a guy actually named Alpha way before the whole “alpha male” nonsense entered public consciousness. He was still teased for having the same name as the robot in power rangers when we were kids though. The only more unfortunate name was his twin brother named Beta. They go by Alphie/Alfred and Beto last I hear.”

When men refer to themselves as “Alpha,” it can be met with eye rolls from some users. This term is often associated with dominance and superiority, and its use in self-description can come across as pretentious. The eye-rolling reaction reflects skepticism about individuals who claim this status.

#11 “Thoughts and Prayers” After Tragedies

Close up of bearded businessman sitting in armchair with praying hands 
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The phrase “thoughts and prayers” from government officials after tragic events is an occurrence that frequently prompts eye rolls. Many users feel that it’s an empty platitude and a way for leaders to avoid taking concrete action. The eye-rolling sentiment emphasizes the call for more meaningful responses in times of crisis.

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