17 Things That Quietly Disappeared in The Past 20 Years

In the whirlwind of progress, some changes quietly slipped into our daily lives over the past 20 years. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and explore these vanishing elements through the eyes of users.

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#1 The Demise of Dumb TVs

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“As I’ve recently noticed, dumb TVs. Good luck trying to find a decent new TV that isn’t smart.”

Many users talked about the sudden disappearance of “dumb TVs,” or ones that are not connected to the internet. The simplicity of just watching television without the complexities of apps and connectivity is a nostalgic memory fading into the digital abyss.

#2 Cents

coins and toy piggy bank with copy space on yellow
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“The cents symbol.”

The once-ubiquitous cents symbol has quietly slipped away from daily use. Some users pointed out its absence, noting that it’s become a relic of a time when every cent counted.

#3 Impersonal Shopping

Curly businessman in suit and glasses using smartphone near laptop in cafe
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“The ability to buy something without giving your email, phone number, address, loyalty information, etc.”

Users reminisced about a time when purchasing something didn’t entail sharing every detail of their lives. The era of buying without surrendering email, phone number, and address seems like a distant memory in the age of information.

#4 Foil and Paper-Wrapped Candy Bars

Two tiny bowls with coated chocolates. Candy.
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“Candy bars wrapped in foil and paper.”

The traditional candy bar presentation, wrapped in foil and paper, has become a rare sight. Users fondly recall the unique tactile experience of unwrapping a chocolate delight, a sensation disappearing in the age of plastic packaging.

#5 Vanishing Newspaper Vending Machines

Newspaper Vending Machines
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“Newspaper vending machines. I used to see them everywhere as a kid. Saw one the other day and realized I hadn’t seen one in years.”

Once a common sight on street corners, newspaper vending machines have quietly faded from the urban landscape. Users noticed their disappearance, realizing they hadn’t seen one in years, marking the end of an era in print media distribution.

#6 Synchronized Watches

Business woman pointing and watch. Time.
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“People having their watches set to slightly different times.”

The quaint practice of people having slightly different times on their watches has given way to the precision of digital synchronization. Users reflect on the charm of individualized timekeeping slipping away in our collective pursuit of accuracy.

#7 Ozone Layer Concerns

ISS043E080629 (04/01/2015) --- NASA astronaut Terry Virts, commander of Expedition 43 on board the International Space Station tweeted this beautiful image of our planet with this simple comment "Earth".
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“The hole in the ozone layer.”

The once-looming concern over the hole in the ozone layer has somewhat faded from public discourse. While strides have been made in addressing environmental issues, the urgency surrounding ozone layer depletion has quietly receded from the forefront of global discussions.

#8 Payphones

Red Telephone Booth
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The iconic telephone booths and payphones, once a refuge for private conversations, have nearly vanished in the age of smartphones in every pocket. God help you if your battery dies though.

#9 The Lost Art of Boredom

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“Boredom. People used to spend so much time with nothing to occupy their minds aside from their own thoughts while standing in line, sitting in a waiting room, etc. Now everyone reaches for their phone to fill every minute of downtime.”

Boredom, once a shared human experience during moments of downtime, is fading in the smartphone era. Users reflect on a time when minds wandered freely without constant digital stimulation.

#10 Compact Pickup Trucks

Side view of white pickup truck in sunny forest
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“The compact, 4-cylinder, two-seater, no-nonsense pickup truck. If you want a pickup now it has to be a massive luxury tank that costs 80 grand.”

The compact, no-nonsense pickup truck has become a rarity, replaced by massive luxury tanks. Users reminisce about the simplicity of smaller trucks, noting the shift towards larger, more opulent models.

#11 Quality Written News Articles

Man with newspaper in public transport bus
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“Quality written news articles by people with post-secondary education.”

Some users bemoan the decline of quality written news articles crafted by individuals with higher education. The digital age has brought about shifts in journalism, altering the landscape of written news.

#12 The Decline of Toy Stores

Cheerful woman and little son playing toy dinosaurs at table. Mother.
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“Toy Stores. Kids growing up nowadays don’t know what it’s like to go to a toy store, they have to settle with the toy aisle at Target or Walmart.”

Traditional toy stores, once a haven for children, have been overshadowed by toy aisles in mega-retailers. Users express nostalgia for the unique experience of wandering through dedicated toy stores.

#13 Shrinking Product Sizes

Shocked young pin up woman with red lips looking at camera. Retro.
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“The amount of product in their respective packages. The package is roughly the same size but the actual amount of product.”

Users observe the deceptive downsizing of product quantities in similar-sized packages. The amount of product has subtly decreased, leaving consumers to question the value they receive.

#14 Cassette Tapes

Old VHS Video Cassettes on Old Video Recorder Isolated on White Background.
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“Cassette tape along the side of the road. Black strands glistening in the sun, draped around a roadside shrub-like Christmas tinsel.”

The once-common sight of unwound cassette tapes along roadsides, catching glints of sunlight like discarded Christmas tinsel, has become a rare occurrence. Users recall the analog era’s accidental art disappearing from our streets.

#15 The Evaporation of Bookstores

Woman Wearing Brown Shirt Carrying Black Leather Bag on Front of Library Books
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“Book stores. They used to be awesome and everywhere.”

Bookstores, once scattered across city blocks, have faced challenges from online retail giants. Users mourn the changing landscape, reminiscing about the joy of perusing physical bookshelves.

#16 Spontaneity

young pretty blonde woman wondering, thinking happy thoughts and ideas, daydreaming, looking to copy space on side against flat color wall
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“Spontaneity- everything needs to be pre-booked and prepaid before doing it.”

Spontaneity has taken a back seat to meticulous planning in the modern era. Users reflect on a time when impromptu adventures were more common, contrasting with today’s prebooked and prepaid experiences. Even simple acts like going to watch a movie or going out for dinner requires reservations now.

#17 The Vibrancy of Color

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“Colour! Minimalism has been increasingly popular and more and more businesses and homes are becoming gray/beige.” 

The shift towards minimalism has led to a quiet departure of vibrant colors from businesses and homes. Users note the prevalence of gray and beige tones, lamenting the fading hues of a more colorful past.

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