15 Things That We All Wish Do Not Survive 2024

As we step into a new year, it’s natural to reflect on what we’d like to leave behind. In a digital age where opinions are aplenty, we sought out the voices of social media users to uncover the top contenders for what needs to make its exit in 2024. From societal frustrations like the exorbitant cost of living and CEO salary disparities to trends gone awry on social media and the ongoing battle against cancer, there’s no shortage of grievances to address. Join us as we explore the top 15 things that many users believe should be shown the door in the coming year.

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#1 Internet Cookies

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“Accept all cookies.”

Let’s dive into the swirling abyss of “Accept all cookies” and the online privacy debate. Users joked about how websites seem to offer us cookies, but these treats come with a side of data monitoring. The humor aside, online privacy is a significant concern, and many users stressed the need for more user-friendly options.

#2 Bedbugs

Bed bugs / bedbugs.
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“Bedbugs, just no.”

Bedbugs are the unwanted roommates that no one asked for. This comment captured the collective frustration with the sudden explosion in the population of these tiny terrors. From hotel rooms to buses to subway cars, it seems we can’t relax anywhere these days without being bitten.

It’s time to give them their eviction notice. Bedbugs may not pay rent, but they’re certainly overstaying their welcome.

#3 Lies in Politics

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“Politicians being able to lie with impunity.”

The topic of politicians and their relationship with the truth had users shaking their heads. It’s like they’ve discovered the mythical “Lie-tanium” shield. While we can’t strap politicians to a lie detector, users called for transparency and accountability in the political arena.

#4 Cost of Living Crisis

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“Ridiculous cost of living.”

Many users are exasperated by the ever-rising cost of living, which often feels like a never-ending game of financial whack-a-mole. From skyrocketing rents to the price of everyday necessities, the strain on wallets is palpable. Many users hope to see a more wallet-friendly world where making ends meet doesn’t feel like an Olympic feat.

#5 CEO Compensation Circus

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“Layoffs while CEOs get paid 300x the average employee and still get a raise 5x the percentage of the average employee as well.”

The disparity in compensation between top executives and the workforce is a topic that raises eyebrows and frustrations. The issue of income inequality and fairer wages is at the forefront of this discussion, and many users are calling for a more equitable distribution of wealth within organizations.

#6 Subscription Overload

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Subscription services. But they won’t. They’ll keep replacing single upfront purchases. It’s a shame.”

The relentless onslaught of subscription services has users feeling like they’re drowning in a sea of monthly payments. It’s as if every company is on a mission to turn every product into a never-ending subscription. Users are ready for a breather from the subscription craze.

#7 Dangerous Online Dares

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Social media ‘challenges’ to break the law or hurt people.”

Social media challenges can be fun and entertaining, but many users are growing weary of trends that encourage illegal activities or harm to others. From dangerous pranks to harmful dares, the line between playful internet trends and recklessness is being blurred. Many users emphasized the need to put an end to these dangerous/ illegal social media challenges.

#8 Housing Headaches

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“Unaffordable housing prices.”

Affordable housing, or the lack thereof, was a common topic in the comments. It’s as if finding an affordable home has become a mythical quest with elusive rewards. For many users, addressing the housing crisis is a top priority.

#9 Public Phone Serenades

Girl using smartphone in bus
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“People who use their phone speakers in public.”

The irritation of people who insist on sharing their phone conversations with the world was a sentiment shared by many. It’s as if they’ve declared themselves the unsolicited DJs of public spaces. The call to end public phone speaker serenades is loud and clear.

#10 Battling Cancer

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“The tumor cells in every cancer patient.”

Cancer remains a formidable foe. It is a stark reminder of the battle many continue to fight. The hope is for advancements in medical science to eradicate this menace in 2024, providing a ray of hope for those impacted by this relentless disease.

#11 Tipping Tensions

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“Tipping for any little thing.”

The tradition of tipping has evolved into something of an art form, with many users expressing fatigue at the expectation of tipping for even the smallest services. From coffee orders to rideshares, the practice has reached a point where it’s seen as excessive.

#12 Celebrity Overload

Actor Macaulay Culkin walks the runway at the Gucci Love Parade on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard outside the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on November 2, 2021 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Image Press Agency)
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“Celebrity worship.”

Celebrity worship is a phenomenon that has users rolling their eyes. It’s as if the world has become an eternal red-carpet event. In the era of constant celebrity coverage, the push for recognizing everyday heroes and meaningful contributions is gaining momentum.

#13 Plastic Predicament

Used Plastic bottles in close up ,selective focus
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“Plastic pollution.”

Environmental concerns took center stage with discussions about plastic pollution. It’s as if the planet is undergoing unsolicited plastic surgery. With marine life and ecosystems at risk, users are adamant about reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment.

#14 The Influence Quandary

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The rise of influencers in the digital age has users debating their impact. It’s as if everyone is striving for a place in the “Influence Hall of Fame.” The discussion underscores the need to value expertise and authenticity over curated online personas.

#15 War

Lukyanivka, Ukraine: 25 March 2022: destroyed russian military vehicle
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The final plea in the thread is for peace and the end of wars. It’s as if the world has collectively had enough of the war drums and is ready for some harmony. While achieving global peace is a complex endeavor, users are united in their hopes for diplomacy and international cooperation.

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