16 Things You Do In Hotel Rooms That You Would Never Do At Home

Do you relate to these peculiar hotel room habits? Slide through for adventure, pampering, and luxury seldom found in the comfort of home!

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#1: The Allure of Robes

Couple in Hotel Room
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“I never wear a robe normally. When I stay in hotels, I’m not sure what it is, but I love to clean myself up and wear one of those robes provided. Just makes me feel extra relaxed for some reason.”

Many users find themselves drawn to the luxurious embrace of hotel robes, a comfort seldom explored in their daily routines. The inexplicable charm of wrapping oneself in a plush robe becomes a ritual that adds an extra layer of relaxation, creating a unique hotel experience.

#2: The Do Not Disturb Dilemma

Do not disturb sign
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“Put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door. Although, maybe I should do that at home too.”

Interestingly, some users ponder whether adopting the “Do Not Disturb” sign habit is a practice worth implementing at home. It’s a small gesture, yet it seems to hold a certain appeal when immersed in the hotel atmosphere, prompting users to consider its potential merits in their daily lives.

#3: Cable TV Excitement

Hotel Room Tv
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“Watch cable TV. I don’t care to pay for it at home so it’s new and exciting to me.”

For those who forgo cable subscriptions at home, the novelty of flipping through hotel cable channels becomes a source of new and exciting entertainment. The allure of exploring an array of channels often overlooked at home adds a touch of spontaneity to the hotel experience.

#4: Bed Bug Vigilance

Bed Bugs
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“Inspect the sheets for bugs before using them.”

Inspecting sheets for bugs might be an uncommon routine at home, but the cautious traveler takes a few moments to ensure a bug-free slumber. This meticulous habit reflects the unique concerns and precautions that come with the transient nature of hotel stays.

#5: Protracted Showers

Woman in Bathtub
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“Take long showers, and by that, I mean very long.”

The luxury of extended showers becomes a guilty pleasure in a hotel setting. Users admit to taking advantage of the ample hot water supply, relishing in the unhurried indulgence of a prolonged shower – a treat not replicated in their home bathrooms.

#6: Thermostat Whims

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“Set the thermostat to either frosty or balmy.”

Setting the thermostat to extremes, whether frosty or balmy, becomes a hotel-specific experiment in climate control. The liberty to adjust room temperature with abandon is a freedom that users often revel in during their temporary stays.

#7: Towel Tossing

wet towels
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“Toss wet towels in the corner of the bathroom.”

A seemingly small act, but tossing wet towels in the corner of the bathroom is a behavior that speaks to the carefree ambiance that users associate with hotels. It’s a departure from the disciplined towel-hanging routine of home.

#8: Bed Acrobatics

hotel bed
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“The first thing I do when I walk into a hotel room is jump and belly flop onto the bed. I’d never do that on my own bed.”

The playful act of jumping and belly-flopping onto the bed upon entering a hotel room is a gleeful expression of abandonment. This uninhibited gesture, while reserved for the hotel bed, exemplifies the carefree spirit some users embrace during their stays.

#9: Room Service Revelry

Room Service
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“Call Room service. At home, my wife would not be impressed if I called her phone and asked her to bring me a burger in bed.”

The luxury of calling for room service is a delightful experience users reserve for hotels. While such demands might not receive the same welcome at home, the allure of having a meal brought to the bedside creates a sense of indulgence.

#10: Camera Caution

Casual man using vintage camera
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“Look for hidden cameras.”

In a moment of modern paranoia, some users admit to checking for hidden cameras. While this might seem like an eccentric concern, it reflects the growing awareness and wariness in today’s technologically driven age.

#11: Coke on the Rocks

Coke with Ice Cubes
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“Drink Coke from a glass with ice cubes. When we were little kids the only time we ever had Coca-cola was at motel rooms from the vending machines, poured over ice machine ice cubes in a glass! Still, splurge accordingly (if I can find glass).”

Sipping Coca-Cola from a glass with ice cubes, a nostalgic ritual reminiscent of childhood travels, becomes a special occasion in the context of a hotel room. The search for a glass to replicate this experience adds a touch of whimsy to the stay.

#12: Pricey Pints

Beer in two glasses on wooden table, oktoberfest concept
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“Pay $15 for a beer.”

The willingness to shell out $15 for a beer is a hotel-specific splurge. Users acknowledge that such extravagance is seldom justified in their everyday lives but becomes an acceptable indulgence within the unique confines of a hotel room.

#13: Pillow Paradise

Hotel Pillows
Image Credit: Jaymantri /Pexels.com.

“Use 4 pillows across my back and sink into the bed while snuggled up in many sheets and a blanket. It feels like heaven.”

Creating a pillow fortress for ultimate comfort is a hotel luxury that users adore. The art of arranging pillows across the back and sinking into the bed with layers of sheets and blankets transforms the sleeping experience into a heavenly cocoon.

#14: Extravagant Snacking

Image Credit: Engin Akyurt /Pexels.com.

“Eat $16 cashews.”

Indulging in $16 cashews might seem excessive at home, but in the hotel context, it becomes a part of the experience. Users treat themselves to these extravagant snacks as a way of elevating the overall feeling of luxury during their stay.

#15: Mini Fridge Avoidance

Enough. Serious handsome guy making stop gesture. Moody young man in grey hoody. Fixed gaze. Personal privacy. Teen. Angry.
Image Credit: golubovy /Depositphotos.com.

“Stay away from the drinks in the mini-fridge.”

A unanimous decision seems to be steering clear of the drinks in the mini-fridge. Users express a reluctance to engage with these pricey refreshments, preferring to source their beverages from alternative and more budget-friendly options.

#16: Unexpected Reading Choices

Young man reading Bible on color background
Image Credit: serezniy /Depositphotos.com.

“Read the bible. I’m an atheist but some parts of it, like revelation and job, are pretty darn interesting.”

Despite personal beliefs, some users confess to reading the Bible in a hotel room. The juxtaposition of being an atheist while finding certain parts of the Bible intriguing highlights the idiosyncrasies that emerge within the confines of a hotel.

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