17 Things You Should Never Do At Work, According to HR Experts

Ever feel like navigating the ins and outs of the workplace is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded? Trust me, we’ve all been there. But fear not, because in this list, we’re dishing out some insider tips straight from the HR experts themselves. We’re talking about 17 things you should never, ever do at work if you want to keep your professional reputation intact and your career on the up and up. From dodging office gossip to resisting the urge to hit “send” on that scathing email, we’ve got you covered.

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#1 Being Late

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Hey, we’ve all been caught in traffic or overslept a few times, but consistently showing up late to work sends the wrong message. It’s not just about punching in on time; it’s about showing respect for your team and their schedules. Plus, being punctual sets a positive tone for the day and shows you’re reliable and committed.

#2 Gossiping

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Let’s be real – office gossip can be tempting, like a juicy soap opera playing out in real life. But before you dive into the drama, remember that gossiping can quickly backfire. Not only does it create a toxic work environment, but it also erodes trust and can damage your professional reputation. So, save the water cooler chatter for the latest Netflix series instead.

#3 Using Company Property for Personal Use

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It’s tempting to sneak in a few personal printouts or make a quick personal call on the company phone, but using company resources for personal use is a big no-no. Not only is it a misuse of company property, but it also shows a lack of respect for the company’s resources and policies. Keep personal tasks for your own time, and you’ll avoid any sticky situations.

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#4 Ignoring Workplace Policies

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Nobody really likes reading through those employee handbooks full of legalese. But skimming over workplace policies can land you in hot water down the line. Take the time to familiarize yourself with company policies on everything from dress code to internet usage to confidentiality. Ignoring these policies can lead to disciplinary action and put your job at risk.

#5 Harassment

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Just like you wouldn’t want someone invading your personal space at a party, it’s crucial to respect boundaries at work. Harassment, whether it’s sexual, racial, or just plain bullying, has no place in the office. It’s not just against company policy; it’s downright disrespectful and can seriously harm someone’s well-being.

#6 Taking Credit for Others’ Work

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We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” and it couldn’t be more true in the workplace. Taking credit for others’ hard work not only undermines their contributions but also damages trust within the team. Always give credit where it’s due and celebrate the successes of your colleagues – it’s a win-win for everyone.

#7 Being Disrespectful

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In a perfect world, everyone would get along swimmingly, but in reality, workplace dynamics can get messy. However, being disrespectful to your coworkers is never okay. Whether it’s belittling someone’s ideas in a meeting or speaking rudely to a colleague, disrespectful behavior creates a toxic work environment and can damage relationships beyond repair. Treat others with kindness and professionalism, and you’ll earn respect in return.

#8 Ignoring Feedback

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Let’s be honest – receiving constructive feedback can sting a little. But ignoring feedback or getting defensive only stunts your growth and development. Instead of taking it personally, use feedback as an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s a chance to improve your skills and become the best version of yourself – embrace it!

#9 Being Unprepared

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Picture this: you’re about to give a presentation, but you don’t have your notes prepared, you don’t know who the audience is, and you aren’t prepared for any tough questions. Yikes! Being unprepared not only reflects poorly on your professionalism but also undermines your credibility and authority. Whether it’s for a meeting, presentation, or project, always do your homework and come prepared. Your future self will thank you.

#10 Engaging in Office Politics

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Office politics – it’s a minefield you have to navigate without blowing up your career. But getting sucked into office politics can be a slippery slope. Whether it’s playing favorites, spreading rumors, or throwing others under the bus, office politics can create unnecessary tension and distract you from your work. Keep your head down, focus on your job, and steer clear of the drama.

#11 Misusing Social Media

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Social media is the double-edged sword of the digital age. While it’s tempting to share every moment of your workday on Instagram or vent about your boss on Twitter, think twice before hitting that post button. Remember, your online presence is a reflection of your professionalism, and employers may be watching. Keep personal opinions and grievances offline, and keep it professional on social media.

#12 Lying

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Here’s the thing about lies – they have a funny way of coming back to bite you. Whether it’s embellishing your qualifications on your resume or fibbing about your progress on a project, dishonesty in the workplace is a slippery slope. Not only does it damage your credibility and trustworthiness, but it can also lead to serious consequences, including termination. So, save yourself the headache and stick to the truth – honesty is always the best policy.

#13 Complaining Constantly

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We all have those days where nothing seems to go right, and venting can be a great stress reliever. But constant complaining can quickly become a toxic habit that drags down morale and productivity. Instead of focusing on the negatives, try shifting your mindset to find solutions to problems. You’ll not only feel better but also inspire those around you to do the same.

#14 Skipping Professional Development

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Skipping out on professional development opportunities can stunt your growth and limit your career prospects. Investing in your skills and knowledge is essential for staying competitive in today’s job market. Whether it’s attending seminars, taking online courses, or pursuing certifications, continuous learning keeps you sharp, adaptable, and ready for whatever challenges come your way.

#15 Neglecting Work-Life Balance

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We’ve all been guilty of burning the midnight oil or answering emails during dinner, but neglecting your work-life balance is a recipe for burnout. Your job is important, but so is your mental and physical well-being. Make time for hobbies, family, and relaxation to recharge your batteries and prevent job-related stress from spilling over into your personal life.

#16 Substance Abuse

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Remember the golden rule: don’t show up to work under the influence. Whether it’s alcohol or something stronger, being impaired on the job is a recipe for disaster. Not only can it jeopardize your safety and the safety of others, but it’s also a fast track to the unemployment line.

#17 Leaving Without Notice

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So, you’ve landed a new job and can’t wait to say sayonara to your old one. But before you make a dramatic exit, remember the importance of leaving on good terms. Giving proper notice shows professionalism and respect for your employer and gives them time to find a replacement. Plus, you never know when you might cross paths with former coworkers or need a reference in the future.

Disclaimer – This list is solely the author’s opinion based on research and publicly available information. It is not intended to be professional advice. 

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