8 Scary BUT 100% True Accounts Of Pure Evil

Navigate the chilling realities unearthed in a recent social media thread, where 100% true accounts reveal horrors surpassing fiction—from wartime brutality to chance encounters with killers.

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#1 The Juror’s Terrifying Connection

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“My uncle was in a bar one night and started talking to this random guy. He described him as “a really nice guy.” He met him a few other times in the same bar. They drank and talked about random stuff. Soon after, my uncle stopped seeing the guy at the bar. I don’t know how long after, but my uncle got notified that he had jury duty. He showed up and found out what it was for. A serial killer and the killer was his friend from the bar. Derrick Todd Lee. My uncle was promptly dismissed from jury duty for obvious reasons.”

The tale of encountering a potential serial killer at a bar, only to later find out he’s on trial for heinous crimes, unveils a reality stranger than fiction. The unsettling coincidence of sharing drinks with a person who turns out to be a murderer highlights the unpredictability of life, leaving users both fascinated and unnerved by the thin line between casual interactions and the dark secrets people may hide.

#2 The Deadly Nurse of New Jersey

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“In the 1990s, a nurse in New Jersey killed hundreds of hospital patients. Sometimes he would sneak into patient’s rooms at night and inject them with fatal medication doses. Other times, he would put the medication into IV bags in the supply room, so they would kill whatever random patient they were given to later. He was accused several times. Some patients pointed him out before they died. Some staff thought he was creepy and dangerous, and refused to work with him. He kept getting fired from hospitals. But the hospital managers knew that if he got arrested, they would be sued by the families of the patients he murdered. So they just fired him, and didn’t call the police. That happened at 12 different hospitals over the course of 16 years. Investigators believe he killed as many as 400 people.”

The shocking revelation of a nurse allegedly killing hundreds of patients raises concerns about the vulnerability within healthcare institutions. Users express a mix of disbelief and horror at the alleged magnitude of the nurse’s actions, sparking a conversation about the importance of safeguards within medical facilities to prevent such sinister events.

#3 The Baton Rouge Serial Killer Encounter

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“My college girlfriend called me one night. “The Baton Rouge Serial Killer” had been active a while and she was being followed – all over town and even after going in circles – by a while truck, which the killer supposedly drove. She fit the victim profile, she was brunette living in (house sitting for her aunt) a wealthy neighborhood. My roommate and I drove over and we filed in line behind her and the truck. She lived essentially ON the LSU grounds so I assumed it was a stupid student prank or something.

She parks at her aunt’s house, truck stops one house short of her aunt’s and we pull in behind her. I explain I’m going to go diffuse the situation. Walk over to the truck, the FBI says the killer is a white guy, this man is African American. Explain no one is upset but he’s freaking out my girlfriend, he needs to leave. He looks side eyed at me and drives off. I see the guy again a few months later, on the cover of the Baton Rouge paper, he’s been arrested. He was the killer.”

The Baton Rouge Serial Killer’s encounter adds a layer of suspense to the narrative, as users reflect on the potential dangers lurking in seemingly innocuous situations. The decision to confront the suspicious truck, believing it to be a prank, serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in the face of eerie circumstances.

#4 The Trinidad Pipeline Tragedy

Oil Well in North Dakota
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“There was an incident in Trinidad where some maintenance divers were removing a plug from an oil pipeline and were instantly sucked into it. One was able to escape but the other 4 were trapped for days in a small, oil coated pipe for days with only a small air pocket to breathe in before they died. Thinking about it in detail and imagining what it must have been like for them makes me extremely uncomfortable.”

The Trinidad pipeline incident triggers a deep sense of discomfort as users empathize with the trapped divers’ nightmarish predicament. The comment focuses on the unimaginable nature of their struggle, emphasizing the chilling details of being confined in an oil-coated pipe, providing readers with a poignant perspective on the fragility of human life in hazardous environments.

#5 The Goiânia Orphan Source Nightmare

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“Every ‘orphan source’ report from the IAEA is terrifying and well documented with pictures. One of the most horrifying is the Goiânia accident in 1987. For those who don’t know, an orphan source accident is when radioactive material that had been lost (usually from an abandoned hospital), is discovered by people unaware of the danger who inadvertently expose themselves and others to lethal and/or permanently disfiguring doses of radiation. You read in horror as survivors describe people inviting their neighbors to see the oddity they found and share samples, children playing with the sparkly dust, all unaware that they have just doomed themselves.”

The recounting of the Goiânia accident prompts users to reflect on the hidden dangers of radioactive materials in unexpected places. The comment delves into the unsuspecting exposure of individuals to lethal doses of radiation, highlighting the tragedy of their ignorance. It serves as a sobering reminder of the potential risks that exist within the ordinary, urging readers to consider the unseen threats that may surround them.

#6 El Salvador’s Hair-Raising Tragedy

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“My mom is from El Salvador, she lived there at the height of the civil war. She told me that one time, the terrorist group in her country found out someone in her town was part of the military. He had twin daughters with extremely long hair. They tied their hair to the trailer hitch of their trucks and proceeded to do donuts in the middle of town and drag them until they both died, they then left their bodies on his front door.”

The heart-wrenching story from El Salvador during the civil war prompts a collective gasp from users. The unimaginable brutality described in tying the victims’ hair to trucks adds a sinister layer to the horrors of war. Users express a mix of shock and sorrow, contemplating the depths of cruelty that conflict can unleash on unsuspecting civilians.

#7 The Disturbing Obsession

Young man in handcuffs
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“Friend of mine (100% true) was assaulted and had her mother murdered by a young neighbor who had become obsessed with her. He’d waited until her dad and brother had left for work then entered the house, stabbed the mom in her bed, and attacked her. All the time taunting her about what he’d done to her mom and how she’d better let him finish so she could see if her mom was still alive….. he was 15. Truly evil.”

The account of a young neighbor’s deadly obsession unveils a disturbing narrative that resonates with users. The age of the perpetrator, coupled with the taunting and gruesome details, leaves a haunting impression. The commentary focuses on the true evil that can manifest even in unexpected places, prompting discussions about the fragility of personal safety and the consequences of unaddressed obsessions.

#8 The Nazi Atrocities

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“My grandfather’s village was razed by the Nazis. He had 9 siblings. The Nazis came to the village in retribution due to guerilla attacks and they believed the guerillas were hiding there. Most young men fled before they arrived. The men that were in the village were lined up against a wall and shot. My grandfather’s mother put half her children, the youngest, in the cellar and she took the other half with her because the Nazis were rounding up the entire village and locked them inside the church. The reason she had split her children was because she feared they would all be killed, so she wanted at least some of them to survive.

The Nazis ransacked and burned nearly every house in the village, including my grandfather’s. He was in the cellar with his siblings and their house burned above them, but they were saved. Those in the church also survived but many didn’t. After this, the Nazis would come again sometime after and pretty much force all the young men and boys, including my grandfather, to help make roads and fortifications for them. Despite it all, they all survived the war, though many in the family didn’t.”

The wartime tragedy faced by the narrator’s grandfather during the Nazi occupation triggers a solemn reflection among users. The strategic decisions made by the narrator’s great-grandmother to ensure the survival of some of her children showcase the desperate measures taken in times of peril. Users express both empathy and admiration for the resilience of those who endured such atrocities, emphasizing the enduring impact of historical traumas on families.

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