10 Ultimate Close Calls: How These People Almost Died

Life often throws us unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes, we find ourselves on the brink of danger. These captivating stories, sourced from social media, recount the heart-pounding moments when individuals narrowly escaped perilous situations. From childhood misadventures to medical mishaps, vacation adventures, and more, these tales are a testament to the unpredictability of life and the strength of the human spirit. Fasten your seatbelts, and let’s explore these thrilling stories of survival.

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#1: Childhood Drowning Drama

Drowning man reaching for help in sea, closeup. Water.
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“Lifeguard didn’t even see us until he pulled younger cousin out of the water, then we popped up gasping for air.”

Many users agree that childhood adventures can take a dangerous turn. One commenter shared a story of their younger cousin nearly pushing them underwater while they were trying to save him from drowning. It’s a classic example of how kids sometimes create their own perilous situations, even with the best intentions.

#2: The Poolside Panic

Happy children in the swimming pool. Funny kids playing outdoors. Summer vacation concept
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“Climbing her wasn’t something I did; it was something I witnessed myself doing from outside of my body.”

In another harrowing childhood incident, a commenter narrowly escaped a drowning incident in a public pool. They found an unusual savior in the form of their mom’s friend’s daughter. With sheer determination and a few scratches, they managed to reach the safety of the poolside, proving that in moments of panic, even unlikely heroes can emerge.

#3: The Teenage Towing Trial

Portrait Young Asian boy over white background, be upset. Kid / child who is angry.
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For those who think that operating a vehicle is child’s play, think again! One user shared his experience as a 16-year-old farm kid towing a hefty load of corn seed. Despite having some experience, he found himself in a hair-raising situation on a gravel hill. The trailer flipped and almost crushed him to death.

#4: The Misdiagnosed Nightmare

Cropped shot of father checking sons temperature with hand while he lying in bed — Photo
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“The pain was unbelievable, like a thousand twisting knives across my whole body. I couldn’t get up, walk, or even cry properly anymore. I wanted to die so the pain would stop.”

Medical mishaps can also lead to perilous situations. A commenter recounted a horrifying tale of being misdiagnosed as a child. Their doctor’s failure to recognize testicular torsion resulted in a week of excruciating pain and nearly cost them their testes. This story serves as a cautionary reminder that sometimes it’s essential to question medical advice.

#5: Civil War Close Encounter

Nuclear war, atomic bomb explosion.
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Travel can lead to unforgettable experiences, but for one family, it turned into a nightmare. During a vacation in the Caucasus in the ’90s, civil war broke out, and a child in the family found themselves staring down the barrel of a machine gun. Thankfully, a quick-thinking mother averted tragedy by pulling her child to safety.

#6: Snorkeling Slip-Up

Top view of map with diving mask and snorkel
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“If a friendly wave hadn’t come in, I would have broken my back, at least.”

Vacation fun can sometimes take a dangerous turn. A snorkeling adventure became a near-death experience for one commenter when he attempted to climb a rock. The rock gave way, causing a fall onto sharp coral. It’s a reminder that even seemingly innocent activities can pose significant risks.

#7: Stem Cell Lifesaver

Mixed Race Father and Son Playing Piggyback in Front of Their House.
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Life-threatening medical conditions can become tales of survival, as one commenter’s story illustrates. Born with a rare, fatal blood disorder, he was expected to live only until the age of six. However, he became part of a groundbreaking medical experiment, receiving a stem cell transplant from a sibling’s umbilical cord. The outcome was a miraculous recovery.

#8: A Gas Leak Narrow Escape

Firefighters rescued the survivors
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“We had pizza on the way. Delivery guy showed up five minutes after fire department.”

Home can sometimes be the setting for life-threatening situations, as one user found out during a seemingly innocent video game session. A burst pipe led to a gas leak, and it took a vigilant dad to detect the danger and evacuate everyone. The fire chief’s warning about the potential for an explosive disaster makes this story even more chilling.

#9: Ecstasy Emergency

Young male friends having fun together and drinking beer indoors
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“I woke up 10 hours later at the hospital and had no memory of what happened after getting in the cab.”

Partying can be fun, but it can also take an unexpectedly dangerous turn. A commenter revealed a frightening experience after taking ecstasy. His heart stopped while in a taxi, and it’s a stark reminder of how unpredictable life can be, especially when experimenting with substances.

#10: The Horseback Hurdle

Handsome male equestrian cleaning black horse with brush. Cowboy looking at a girl.
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“I was afraid to open my eyes and assess the damage once I landed!”

One user shared a story of being thrown off a horse, with barbed wire fences looming nearby. Miraculously, he landed without life-threatening injuries. This tale serves as a reminder of how luck can play a significant role in life’s unpredictable moments.

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