What Will You Do With Your Wealth? 11 Unique Inheritance Plans

Ever wondered what to do with your wealth when you’re no longer around? People on social media have some pretty interesting and sometimes downright quirky ideas. From treasure maps to Willy Wonka-style competitions, they’ve got it all. In this list, we’ll explore some unique and imaginative ways folks plan to handle their inheritance. So, let’s jump in and see how people are making their mark on the world, even after they’re gone.

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#1: Change A Relative’s Life

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In the age-old debate of who should inherit your wealth, many users pointed to giving the money to a distant cousin or relative. It’d be an amazing surprise and add some unexpected excitement to their lives.

#2: Someone In Need

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Some users are quite open to leaving their assets to those in need. It’s like being the hero of someone’s financial story. Others agreed, saying that spreading the wealth over multiple deserving strangers would be the best use of their money.

#3: Treasure Map Legacy

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While some opt for a traditional approach, others prefer to leave behind a challenge. Imagine having to decipher a treasure map to claim your inheritance. It’ll be a real-life adventure movie! This user’s heirs will need their wits and navigation skills to uncover the treasure.

#4: Family and Philanthropy

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“I will put it in a trust for them and make sure they have learned how to manage money.”

Another user plans to pass his wealth to their nephews and nieces, or if not, he’ll donate it to charities. It’s a heartwarming way to ensure your legacy benefits those you care about or the greater good.

#5: Willy Wonka Inheritance

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“Or a race like in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”!”

Who wouldn’t love an inheritance competition like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets? This user suggests an exciting idea of having contenders compete for the inheritance. It’s a fun twist that adds some playful competition to the process.

#6: Blow It On Travel

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Some users plan to use most of their money to travel and earn experiences while they’re still alive. Anything left would be donated to charity.

#7: Pharaoh’s Inheritance

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“If I can’t take it with me I’m not going.”

If you’ve ever dreamed of an extravagant burial, this commenter’s idea is right up your alley. Bury the wealth with you, just like the ancient pharaohs. Who knows, you might need it in the afterlife.

#8: The Selfless Beneficiary

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In the event of an unexpected death, another user wants his wealth to be a gift to an incredible, selfless friend, allowing her to enjoy the life she deserves.

#9: Making Memories with Friends

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One user approaches the subject with a bucket-list mindset. If faced with a terminal illness, they plan to throw a grand party or take an epic trip with their closest friends. It’s all about making the most of their time and money by creating unforgettable memories.

#10: The Reunion Trust

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Another commenter has a unique plan in mind. He wants to establish a trust that brings together people who may not get along, but have to unite for a yearly skills competition. It’s a quirky way to encourage teamwork and personal growth.

#11: Supporting Siblings

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The final commenter, being the oldest and concerned about his health, intends to make their siblings’ lives a bit easier. He wants to provide financial support to those less fortunate in his family, ensuring that his legacy has a positive impact.

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