10 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries To Give You Nightmares

Mysteries have a way of capturing our imaginations, drawing us into their enigmatic embrace, and leaving us with countless questions. The world is full of perplexing and unsolved cases that have puzzled investigators and intrigued curious minds for years. From inexplicable disappearances to strange weather events, these enigmas continue to defy explanation, and they remind us that sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction. In this slide show, we delve into the most baffling mysteries that have left us scratching our heads and yearning for answers.

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#1 Kyron Horman: The School Vanishing Act

Schoolboy with books and backpack
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“Kyron Horman. Step mom took him to school, walked around the ‘Science Fair’ in the gym then he went to class… has not been seen since. He was IN the school. C’mon now. It’s been over a decade now. I have a ‘Google Alert’ on his name for updates.”

Kyron Horman’s disappearance is like a real-life magic trick gone terribly wrong. He was there one moment, inside his school, and poof – gone. Despite extensive searches and investigations, there have been no substantial leads for over a decade. It’s a mystery that has left everyone scratching their heads, with many users anxiously waiting for any news on the case.

#2 Frauke Liebs: The Mysterious Call

Mature policeman putting on latex gloves near case for investigation tools while his colleague standing near with dog on leash at crime scene with corpse
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“Frauke Liebs. Was last seen leaving a bar to go home, then at some point during her walk home, went missing. She was able to make several texts and calls to loved ones over the next few days, but was very vague and refused to give information on her whereabouts. The details of her last phone call, to her sister, are pretty chilling.

From Wikipedia: During this conversation, she is said to have answered the question of whether she was being held captive with a faint “yes”, immediately followed by a loud “no”. Contact broke off after this phone call. Her body was found several months later in a wooded area, most likely dumped from somewhere else. No further details were found about the killer, motive for her death or disappearance.”

#3 The Bizarre Case of the Eriksson Twins

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“The Eriksson twin sisters that ran across a motorway in England, were hit several times by trucks and cars, and just kept moving somehow.”

#4 Oakville Jello Rain: Gelatinous Mystery

Bioterrorism. Selective focus. Outbreak of the epidemic. Bokeh. Virus. Elimination. The concept of Microbiology. The concept of health care in medicine. Doctor in a gas mask and gloves.
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“Oakville Jello Rain comes to mind. In Oakville, WA (which is a creepy place by itself) south of Olympia headed towards the coast, there was a strange weather event in the 90s where gelatinous rain fell and coated everything in a jello-like sludge. Weirder still, after handling it or being exposed in any way (dogs licking off fur, people wiping it off car windshields, things like that) people and animals started to get sick with some weird illness that landed some people in hospitals.

One woman was admitted and her daughter brought a sample of the gel and in the lab it was found to contain 2 kinds of bacteria. Multiple instances of this rain fell in the same few months, with various people falling ill but it was never confirmed where it came from.”

#5 The Man with the Iron Mask: The Enigmatic Prisoner

Actor man hand white mask on dark wall background
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“The Man with the Iron Mask who spent his whole life imprisoned in almost total isolation, and nobody knows who he was or why he was imprisoned by Louis XIV.”

The Man with the Iron Mask is like a historical enigma that never ceases to intrigue. Imagine spending your entire life in isolation, your identity hidden from the world. The fact that we still don’t know who he was or why he was imprisoned by Louis XIV is a historical head-scratcher that continues to captivate curious minds.

#6 Robert Wone’s Unsolved Sleepover Mystery

Police officers with crossed arms looking at camera
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“Who killed Robert Wone on Peacock. 4 guys have a sleepover and one ends up dead a hour and some change after he arrives. The other 3 guys are gay lovers and no one tells on the other. They all stick to the story and if you watch the documentary, it’s so creepy. Eventually they do get away with it, but the police never find out what happens and how he was really killed.”

The case of Robert Wone is a true crime story that’s both baffling and unsettling. The fact that four people were present during his death and have managed to keep their silence is the stuff of nightmares. The absence of clear answers and the eerie atmosphere surrounding this case make it a spine-chilling tale.

#7 The Highway of Tears: A Harrowing Stretch

sad woman in depression and despair crying covered her face on black dark background
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“The Highway of Tears. It’s a 719 kilometre (447 miles) highway in western Canada that has been the scene of many missing and murdered indigenous people (mostly women and girls). Many believe it could be the act of serial killer(s) in or around the area that use the road to travel. A handful of the victims have been identified, but many more are yet to be identified. Absolutely horrific and devastating.”

#8 The Mystery of the Detached Fingers

Front view portrait of small girl outdoors in garden, crying.
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“I don’t have a lot of details, it’s a friend’s coworker. Her 2 year old was standing next to her on the sidewalk while she unloaded the baby out of the car. She heard a scream and turned around. 2 of her toddlers fingers were off his hand and on the ground in a pool of blood. They have no idea what happened. There was no blood on the car, no dog around, nothing. Just…detached fingers lying on the ground. Our best guess is that he literally just bit them off. Idk if they checked his mouth for blood or anything. But I would think they’d know by that age if he had CIPA, and he wouldn’t have been screaming in pain if he did.”

#9 The Hum: A Sonic Mystery

African woman covering ears with her hands, over a green background
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“The Hum. In various parts of the world, if you listen carefully you’ll hear a low-pitched hum in the air. A couple of years ago, it was happening here in San Diego all summer, a constant 38 Hz hum downtown, Kearny Mesa, even in Del Mar.”

#10 Disappearances in North American Woods: Into the Abyss

Woods / forest
Image Credit: kate_ivanova /Depositphotos.com.

“Stories about people disappearing in the woods of North America (which happens quite a lot, actually) tend to creep me out the most.”

The unsettling tales of people vanishing in the vast woods of North America are enough to send a shiver down your spine. It’s a phenomenon that, surprisingly, occurs quite frequently. These enigmatic disappearances continue to be a source of fascination and fear, making you question what’s lurking in the heart of these wild landscapes.

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