12 Actually Valuable Pieces Of Advice For Gen-Z From Millennials And Boomers

As you step into adulthood at the age of 18, the world may seem full of possibilities and uncertainties. It’s a phase of life where you’re eager to explore, make choices, and carve your path. While the journey is uniquely yours, it never hurts to seek guidance from those who’ve walked this path before. On a social media thread, many experienced individuals shared their wisdom and advice for those turning 18. From treasuring your time to managing finances and embracing change, these nuggets of wisdom offer valuable insights for your journey into adulthood.

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#1 Guard Your Time

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“Value your time. Don’t let those who ain’t worth it, steal it from you.”

It’s true that time is a non-renewable resource. It’s important to be selective about who you spend your time with and what activities you engage in. Surrounding yourself with positive influences and meaningful pursuits can make your journey into adulthood more fulfilling.

#2 Back Care Matters

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“Take care of your back. Even if it’s 10m of yoga in the morning, and work out too, a little is better than none.”

As you embark on your adult life, taking care of your physical health is a wise choice. Back problems can be a persistent source of discomfort, so integrating simple habits like morning yoga and regular exercise can help ensure a pain-free and active future.

#3 Embrace Growth

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“No matter how smart or right you think you are now, just remember every 10 or so years you’ll look back at your younger foolish self and laugh at how misinformed you were.”

It’s easy to think you have life all figured out at 18, but as years go by, you’ll realize how much you’ve evolved. Staying open to learning and growth is an essential part of adulthood. Life is a continuous learning experience, and your older self will thank you for your willingness to adapt and change.

#4 Stay Curious

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“Stay curious! Learning is such a joy of life.”

Curiosity is the spark that ignites new discoveries and keeps life interesting. Whether it’s delving into a new hobby, exploring different cultures, or diving into books, staying curious can make each day an exciting adventure.

#5 Flexibility Is Key

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“Your life isn’t ruined just because something doesn’t work or pan out like you planned.”

Life is unpredictable, and many plans won’t unfold as expected. This advice reminds you that life’s twists and turns are part of the journey. Embracing change and adapting to new circumstances is an essential skill for thriving in adulthood.

#6 Start Saving Early

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“Start saving. Compound interest is a strong force.”

The concept of compound interest might sound complex, but the principle is simple: save money early, and it will grow significantly over time. By starting to save, even with modest amounts, you’re setting yourself up for financial success in the future.

#7 Debt Caution

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“Debt is slavery. Treat it with great caution.”

Debt can be a slippery slope if not managed carefully. Learning to differentiate between necessary and unnecessary debt, and approaching it with caution, can help you maintain financial freedom as you grow older.

#8 Universal Respect

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“Treat everyone with respect. Whether they’re a CEO or a janitor. On that note, when you’re going for a job interview it starts when you’re in the vicinity, the subway stop before you get there, the elevator, etc. you never know if you’re gonna be a d*** to your interviewer before you’ve even sat down in front of them.”

Treating everyone with respect, regardless of their position, is a golden rule for both personal and professional interactions. It’s a reminder that respect is a universal language that transcends job titles and social status.

#9 Social Media Awareness

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“Avoid social media, protect your privacy, and keep photos and videos off the internet.”

In an age where personal information is often shared online, safeguarding your privacy becomes increasingly crucial. By being mindful of the content you post on social media and what you share with the digital world, you can protect your personal boundaries.

#10 Emotional Processing

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“Have some effective way to process emotions. S*** catches up if you sweep them under the rug.”

Ignoring your emotions is like hiding problems under the carpet. Processing your feelings is an essential aspect of self-care, ensuring your emotional well-being and preventing issues from festering.

#11 Honesty and Kindness

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“Be honest and be kind. That is all.”

The simplicity of this advice is its strength. Being honest and kind are timeless values that will guide you well in your interactions with others. These qualities form the foundation of strong relationships and a happy life.

#12 Self-Reliance

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“Don’t trust anyone. People change. Their priorities change. Be comfortable with yourself and make yourself happy. Don’t be dependent on others for happiness or enjoyment.”

Relying on yourself for happiness and contentment is a valuable lesson in adulthood. People change, and you’ll encounter various personalities throughout your journey. Learning to create your happiness is a skill that empowers you to thrive independently.

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