11 Incredibly Valuable Pieces of Advice That People Ignore

In this list, we’ll explore the words of wisdom that, at first glance, might have seemed ordinary but turned out to be life-changing for those who heeded them.

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#1 The Wisdom of Document Dating

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“Didn’t do that for 2 years in school, I never gonna put away anything half important without a date on it nowadays.”

Some advice stands the test of time, like the age-old wisdom of dating documents. One user shared how a “stupid old man” once advised him to write the date on top of any document he received or note he wrote. Initially, it may have seemed trivial, but it turned out to be incredibly valuable. It’s a reminder that the simplest advice can have a lasting impact.

#2 Back Care: The Hidden Jewel of Health

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“As someone who is 28 with chronic back problems. This! I remember days when I wouldn’t be struggling just to get into my car because of lower back pain. Take care of your body especially your knees and back.”

Taking care of your back may not seem like glamorous advice, but it’s a gem for those who’ve experienced back troubles. Many users emphasized the value of this guidance, highlighting that a healthy back is the backbone of a pain-free life. It’s a gentle reminder to cherish your spine, watch your posture and strengthen your back.

#3 Intentions vs. Actions: The Perception Paradox

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A common piece of advice shared by users is the idea that we judge ourselves by our intentions but judge others by their actions. This perspective shift can be a game-changer in understanding human behavior and empathy. It serves as a valuable reminder that what we perceive may not always reflect the full picture.

#4 Expect Love In Return

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“Don’t fall in love with anything that can’t love you back” is a piece of advice that resonated with users. It highlights the importance of investing emotions and efforts wisely. While it may sound simple, the wisdom behind it is profound.

#5 The Perils of Cosigning

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“Currently in the process of paying off a car I cosigned on for my ex fiancé 3 years ago. It’s been a f*****g nightmare.”

The advice never to cosign on anything for anyone, even if you plan to spend your life with them, struck a chord with many users. Some shared their own unfortunate experiences, like cosigning for an ex-fiancé, turning their financial life into a nightmare. It’s a cautionary tale about the risks of financial entanglement.

#6 Opinion Overload: Focusing on Respectful Views

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Some users received advice to stop worrying about the opinions of people they don’t respect. It’s a reminder that not every opinion holds weight and that focusing on the thoughts of those we truly respect can lead to a more fulfilling life. It’s a gentle nudge to prioritize whose opinions truly matter.

#7 The Power of Sunscreen: A Lighthearted Reminder

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“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.”

In a humorous twist, one user playfully incorporated sunscreen advice into their shared wisdom. They acknowledged the scientific basis of sunscreen’s long-term benefits like preventing skin degeneration and offering protection against cancer.

#8 The Power of Listening: Two Ears, One Mouth

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A timeless piece of advice from a user’s father is to remember that we have two ears and one mouth, and we should use them accordingly. It’s a reminder of the importance of active listening and the value of truly hearing others. This wisdom can lead to better communication and understanding.

#9 Trust: Earned in Drops, Lost in Buckets

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The notion that trust is earned in drops but lost in buckets reflects the delicate nature of trust. Many users agreed that trust is a precious commodity that should be cultivated carefully. This piece of advice serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of trust.

#10 Associations Shape Your Qualities

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“I’ve also heard this in the form of a theory that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

This idea emphasizes the importance of choosing your friends and company wisely. It’s a reminder that the people we surround ourselves with can shape who we become.

#11 Gossip: The Two-Faced Nature of Conversations

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The advice that if someone gossips to you, they’ll also gossip about you hit home with many users. It’s a powerful reminder of the two-faced nature of gossip and the importance of being mindful of what we say and hear. This piece of wisdom encourages us to steer clear of the gossip grapevine.

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